City launches performance dashboard

Aug 25, 2021

Georgetown residents and ratepayers can now see how the City is performing on key metrics through a public performance management dashboard.

The City of Georgetown launched a public dashboard highlighting a cross-section of performance metrics that provides residents with insights into department operations and services. The dashboard tracks eight different metrics across the City relating to communications, recreation, public safety, utilities, and development. The site is the City’s first iteration of a public-facing performance dashboard and will be updated on a semi-annual basis.

“We’re excited to provide residents an opportunity to see what we’re tracking and why,” City Manager David Morgan said. “This dashboard gives everyone a chance to understand how we’re doing and how we use this information to make decisions and improve City services.”

The metrics within the dashboard are a subset of metrics the City currently tracks internally through its Performance Management Program (PMP). The City’s PMP was established in 2017 to further integrate the City Council and City manager’s strategic planning with operations. The PMP helps staff monitor productivity and performance while identifying trends and patterns to determine whether a service is appropriately resourced.

People can submit questions and comments about the dashboard to Find the dashboard at



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