Intergovernmental relations

The City of Georgetown’s legislative program aims to empower the City to make local decisions necessary to protect the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens while opposing any measure that would diminish the City’s ability to function effectively or that would erode its authority to govern over its own local affairs in the best interest of our residents.

The City of Georgetown’s Intergovernmental Affairs Program advocates, coordinates and advances the City’s legislative agenda to enhance the City’s ability to govern and provide essential municipal and community services. The purpose of the program is to ensure the city’s interests are protected and enhanced through active involvement in the legislative process and strong intergovernmental relationships.

The City actively monitors state and federal legislation and takes appropriate action, when required, to protect the City’s interests and local legislative authority. The program provides a structure to engage community leaders and partner organizations to advocate for the citizens of Georgetown.

The State Legislature and the United States Congress propose and enact legislation that affects local municipal government – in both positive and negative ways. The City of Georgetown recognizes the need for active legislative engagement at the local, state, and federal levels to enhance the interests of Georgetown’s residents and businesses.

Key Program Initiatives

Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs Subcommittee of Council

The City of Georgetown Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs Subcommittee (IG Subcommittee) is a Standing Subcommittee, a permanent Subcommittee of the City Council established to coordinate City policies related to state and federal legislation and local ordinances.

The Subcommittee oversees:

  • development of state and federal legislative agendas
  • position on local partner ordinances
  • development of position papers
  • policies and programs that promote interagency cooperation
  • advocating activities
Legislative Task Force

The Legislative Task Force is a special ad hoc group comprised of active leaders in the community – the leadership of City Boards and Commissions. With the membership comprised of the Boards and Commissions leadership, the Legislative Task Force are knowledgeable members of the community, educated on City priorities, and representing a wide range of City interests.

The Legislative Task Force provides input to City Council on the issues relevant to the State Legislative Agenda in preparation for the Texas State Legislative Sessions.

State legislative agenda

The City of Georgetown’s 2023 State Legislative Agenda will serve as the foundation for the City’s advocacy strategy.

The State Legislative Agenda identifies a diverse set of core municipal legislative and state budget priorities in need of support from Georgetown’s state legislative delegation and the Governor. The Agenda serves as the City’s legislative advocacy blueprint for the 2023 State Legislative Session.

The State Legislative Agenda also provides direction to City intergovernmental relations staff on which issues to monitor and how to respond to proposed legislation that could impact the City – all with the goal of ensuring the City is able to pursue and implement the priorities of Georgetown residents.

The 2023 State Legislative Agenda focused on several key priorities, including:

  • Supporting legislation that promotes local decision making such as decisions regarding city services and financial authority;
  • Supporting legislation that reduces the overall tax burden on residents and businesses without reducing vital funding for critical services; and
  • Opposes legislation that is detrimental to the City’s ability to pursue citizen priorities or respond to local citizen concerns

Georgetown’s official State Legislative Agenda for the 87th Session of the Texas Legislature

2023 State Legislative Agenda

Contact your Texas State Legislators

Contact Us: David Morgan, City Manager

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