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The City Services Guide is a  list of the most commonly requested services. You can click below to download a copy to print at home or pick up a copy at most City offices.

Click here for a printable version in English  Spanish

Questions about Utilities

How do I start, move or disconnect water/ electric service with the City of Georgetown?

Click here to view the utility website or call Customer Care 512-930-3640 to speak to a representative.

How do I pay and/or view my utility account online? 

Go to and click on the Pay & Access your utility account” button and follow the instructions for registering your account with our online portal. For further assistance, call Customer Care at 512-930-3640.

How can I see if there is a water or electric outage in my area? 

The City has a website to help water and electric customers identify water and electric service outages. Please visit for more details. For further assistance, call Customer Care at 512-930-3640.

How do I report a broken water main, sewer emergency, broken curb, traffic light, street-light, street sign, alley or pothole problem, or ask about septic tanks, sewer smells, flooding, my water bill or trash service? 

Call 512-930-3640 and follow the automated instructions.

Where do I find answers about obtaining City sewer and water when outside the City limits? 

Some areas outside the City limits are still within our service area. Call Customer Care at 512-930-3640 for more information.

Questions about Sidewalks, Curbs, and Tree Trimming

What do I do when my sidewalk has settled or heaved and is creating a hazard?

You may complete a Sidewalk Network Issues Survey at or call 512-930-3640 for assistance.

 Who do I call about curb cuts, street projects and traffic counts?

Call the Public Works Department at 512-930-6559.

 Who is responsible for trimming trees growing in the right-of-way? And what do I do with limbs, grass clippings and brush from my yard?

Call 512-930-3640 for assistance.

Questions about Housing (repairs, maintenance, discrimination, wheelchair ramps, etc.)

Is there a non-profit organization that accepts the donation of a vacant lot, or a vacant, rundown home that is still salvageable, and turns it around for people who need affordable housing?

Call Williamson County Habitat for Humanity at 512-863-4344 for information.

 Can the City help if my home needs insulation in the walls and attic, or if it needs repairs to the furnace, or to seal major air infiltration leaks?

Call 512-930-8477 for information.

Can the City help if the house I own and occupy has a furnace or sewer line that has failed, or it has a major electrical or plumbing problem, or I have a documented medically-required mechanical system, and I am of low income?

Call 512-930-3575 for information about the City’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

Can the City help if I need a wheelchair access ramp to my home?

The Texas Ramp Project can help. Call 214-558-0339.

How do I report housing discrimination?

Call 512-474-1961 to speak to a Fair Housing Advocate

Questions about Pets and Other Animals

What do I do about barking dogs, loud music, etc.?

For barking dogs and other loud noise complaints, call 512-930-3510 with the address and the issue.

Who do I call to report a lost pet or obtain a city license?

Call Animal Services at 512-930-3592. A lost pet report can also be submitted online at

Who do I call to report dogs running loose, pets that are neglected, or my concerns with wildlife?

Call 512-930-3510 x6 to contact Animal Control.

Who do I call about a dead animal in the road?

Call Customer Care at 512-930-3640 and be prepared to give them the address or nearest cross-streets.

Questions about Neighborhood Cleanups and Waste Disposal

How can my Neighborhood Improvement Association organize a neighborhood clean-up effort?

Call 512-930-3640 for information.

How/where do I dispose of paint, chemicals, tires, and hazardous materials? Where can I recycle my glass, magazine, and newspapers?

Call 512-930-3640 or visit for more information.

Questions about Historic District Building Permits and Zoning

How do I apply for building permit or inquire about zoning issues if I live in a historic district?

Call 512-930-3581 or visit for more information.

Questions about Emergency Notifications and Graffiti Reports

How can I find out about emergencies in the area?

Register at WarnCentralTexas.Org to receive emergency messages by text, email, or phone.

What do I do if graffiti is sprayed on my garage or property?

Call the police non-emergency number at 512-930-3510.

Questions about Property Taxes and Property Lines

Where do I find information about my property line?

For issues in Williamson County call 512-943-1100 for assistance.

Who can I talk to about my property taxes?

Call the Williamson County Appraisal District at 512-930-3787.

Most Commonly Called City Phone Numbers
Animal Control 512.930.3510, Ext. 6
Animal Shelter 512.930.3592
Bulky Trash Pickup 800.375.8375
Burn Permits 512.930.3510
City Council Office 512.930.3651
City Jobs 512.930.3639
Crime Tip Line 512.930.2746
Damaged Street Signs and Signals 512.930.3640
Dead Animals 512.930.3640
Emergencies 911
Fire Hydrants 512.930.3640
Georgetown Municipal Airport 512.930.3666
Georgetown Public Library 512.930.3551
GOGEO (Public Transportation) 512.478.7433
Growth Master Plans and Annexation 512.930.3584
Historic Planning 512.930.3581
Home Repair Program 512.930.8477
Household Hazardous Waste 512.930.3640
Maintain City Rights-of-Way 512.930.3640
Municipal Court 512.930.3625
Non-Emergency Crime Reporting 512.930.3510
Parks and Recreation 512.930.3595
Permits 512.930.2550
Pothole Repair 512.930.8152
Power Outage 512.930.3640
Sidewalk Repair 512.930.3640
Stormwater 512.930.6592
Trash Pickup and Recycling 512.930.3640
Utility Customer Care 512.930.3640
Visitors Center 512.930.3545
Water Main Break 512.930.3640
Weeds and Property Maintenance 512.930.3606
Williamson County Offices 512.943.1100
Zoning 512.930.3575

For a complete list of departments, click here.

To contact us, click here.

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