Meeting our water needs for the future-May 2019

Addressing the need to provide more water for residents and businesses in our fast-growing region is an important responsibility of the City. We have a three-pronged approach to respond to that demand. First, we have adopted irrigation schedules, water rates, and rebates to encourage smart water use. Second, we have entered into agreements to secure … Continue reading “Meeting our water needs for the future-May 2019”

Top ten stories for 2018

It has been an amazing year in Georgetown. Looking back on 2018, there are so many good stories to celebrate. Here are my picks for the Top-10 stories of 2018. 10. South’s Best lists: Georgetown was honored this year to be named No. 1 on The South’s Best Cities to Live in 2018 by Southern … Continue reading “Top ten stories for 2018”

New fire stations and medic unit planned

The Georgetown Fire/Medical Department continues to plan for new facilities, equipment, and staff in order to maintain exceptional emergency response services in our growing city. I want to share with you some highlights about these plans from a report by Georgetown Fire Chief John Sullivan to the City Council at the end of last year. … Continue reading “New fire stations and medic unit planned”

Council sets vision, goals, and strategies

The Georgetown City Council confirmed a new vision statement for the city and developed five goals and nine strategies to support that vision as a result of a two-month process in 2017. “Georgetown: A caring community honoring our past and innovating for the future” was approved by the City Council as the new vision statement … Continue reading “Council sets vision, goals, and strategies”

Celebrating Earth Day

Every April, the City of Georgetown offers programs and events to celebrate Earth Day. There are many ways you can help our city continue its leadership in environmental stewardship. They include telling our story of innovation in 100 percent renewable energy, learning about our planet at the Georgetown Public Library, and having fun at the … Continue reading “Celebrating Earth Day”

One Extraordinary CommUNITY

Mindful of the ongoing national dialogue regarding public trust and policing, the Georgetown Police Department has created a new initiative called CommUNITY. The program is a framework for community engagement and is the brainchild of Police Chief Wayne Nero. I’d like to share with you an overview of the CommUNITY initiative, and in so doing, … Continue reading “One Extraordinary CommUNITY”

Transportation projects update

Mobility and traffic improvements in our fast-growing city are a high priority for many of you. Three years ago, 75 percent of Georgetown voters approved a $105 million set of transportation projects to make key improvements. The election authorized the City to plan, design, or construct 20 transportation projects over 10 years. Here’s an update … Continue reading “Transportation projects update”

Garey Park features fun and natural beauty

Fourteen years after Jack and Cammy Garey announced that they would donate their ranch and home to become a public park, the City of Georgetown held a grand opening celebration for Garey Park on June 9. The 525-acre municipal park is located along the South San Gabriel River at 6450 RM 2243. Garey Park is … Continue reading “Garey Park features fun and natural beauty”

Georgetown’s energy 100 percent renewable with solar plant

Georgetown is now one of the largest cities in the U.S. to be powered by 100 percent renewable energy. Photovoltaic cells converting sunlight into power became one of our primary energy sources this summer. That happened on July 1 when the city started receiving electricity from the Buckthorn solar plant near Fort Stockton. The 154-megawatt … Continue reading “Georgetown’s energy 100 percent renewable with solar plant”

Red Poppy Festival 20th Anniversary

Georgetown celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Red Poppy Festival this year on April 26-28. I hope you will join me at this free, family-friendly festival for a weekend of fun with our friends, family, and neighbors on the Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas. Pat Green is the headliner at the Saturday night concert … Continue reading “Red Poppy Festival 20th Anniversary”

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