Transit Development Plan adopted

Apr 24, 2024

The Georgetown Transit Development Plan was adopted by City Council at its regular meeting Tuesday, April 23. Adoption of the plan maintains access to federal transit funding and includes a roadmap for potential mobility enhancements in the future. The plan was developed by the City in partnership with CapMetro, which is the regional agency through which federal transportation funding is allocated.

Currently the City and CapMetro offer GoGeo limited paratransit and senior service that is typically scheduled a day in advance. The service operator is Capital Area Rural Transportation System.

Completion of the Transit Development Plan involved reviewing existing local and regional transit plans, market demographics, and the existing paratransit and senior service. The plan was also based on feedback from public involvement in a variety of ways during the past several months. Public input included a FlashVote survey of 678 residents, two virtual open house events, and engagement at other events with a total of 1,549 submitted comments. Outreach also included interviews with 12 stakeholder organizations, including Georgetown ISD and local government agencies and nonprofits.

Based on that research and input from the public, the plan identifies several transit concepts to enhance service and meet transportation needs. These options include enhancements to the GoGeo limited paratransit and senior service and a phased implementation of one or more on-demand service zones. The plan also highlights other transit-supportive concepts including increased City-led transit marketing and outreach, coordination with CARTS related to regional routes as well as local nonprofit partners, and integrating a City-subsidized ride hailing voucher program to complement existing transit services.

The Transit Development Plan adoption does not commit the City to any transit options offered in the plan. In the next few months as part of the annual budget process, City Council will review transit options or enhancements that could be implemented.

Read the plan on the Transit Development Plan project website and learn more about the process and background on the City Transit Development Plan page.

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