City of Georgetown to complete water system maintenance

Mar 19, 2024

The Georgetown Water Utility will perform system maintenance beginning Wednesday, April 17, and lasting through Friday, May 17. During this systemwide maintenance, Georgetown water customers may notice chlorine odors and a green or brown tint to the water for brief periods. Customers could notice these changes starting Thursday, April 18, or Friday, April 19.

Concentrations maintained during the conversion will be well within state and federal drinking water standards. Water is safe to drink for people, pets, and plants.

Important advisory for specific groups:

  • Dialysis patients and centers: Special precautions are advised for dialysis patients and centers. Water must be properly treated to remove all chemical disinfectants, including chlorine and chloramine, before it is used in dialysis machines. However, the water remains safe for consumption by dialysis patients.
  • Fish tanks and aquariums: The water will not be safe for use in fish tanks and aquariums during the conversion period due to the temporary change in disinfection treatment.
  • Pool owners: Pool owners must maintain the same chlorine level in water treated with either free chlorine or chloramines to prevent algae and bacterial growth. Pool supply stores can provide pool owners with more information.

Purpose of the maintenance

The water system typically uses chloramines for disinfection, which are chosen for their long-term benefits. However, periodic maintenance, such as the Temporary Free Chlorine Conversion, is necessary for optimal performance. This process involves disinfecting the water with only chlorine. Water authorities nationwide conduct annual disinfectant changes ahead of warmer seasons to reset the system’s disinfection capabilities and free pipes of sediment buildup.

Regular maintenance, referred to as a Temporary Free Chlorine Conversion, occurs when a water system that typically uses chloramine removes ammonia (needed to form chloramine) from the treatment process and disinfects the water with only chlorine. Chlorine is more effective than chloramine at overall disinfection.

Temporary Free Chlorine Conversion is a regular system maintenance practice recommended by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Flushing and water pressure

During the conversion period, hydrants will be flushed to help maintain clear water for customers and to ensure the free chlorine reaches the entire water system. The process will be repeated when converting the water system back to chloramine. Flushing should significantly subside after the conversion. When flushing hydrants, the water department will divert water onto lawns and grassy areas to reuse while also mitigating the pressure to avoid damage.

Most customers will not see a drop in water pressure. If a change in pressure does occur, it is usually momentary. If low pressure persists longer than an hour, report it to the Customer Care team at

Email Customer Care with any questions about this system maintenance at

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