City purchases land for southeast park

Aug 9, 2023

The City of Georgetown has acquired 35 acres of parkland near the intersection of SE Inner Loop and Southwestern Boulevard for a future park on the southeast side of the city. A park on the southeast side of Georgetown was identified as a priority in both the 2009 and 2022 Parks Master plans.

“Creating a park on the southeast side of Georgetown has been a community and City priority for more than a decade,” Parks and Recreation Director Kimberly Garrett said. “We have time to develop the amenities, but securing the land now was important as Georgetown continues to grow.”

The City purchased the land for $6 million with money from several funding sources, including the 2008 bond, parkland dedication fees, and a donation from the Friends of Georgetown Parks via proceeds from Two Step Inn.

Development of the park is several years out, as the agreement allows the sellers a seven-year leaseback. This gives the City time to develop a park master plan, which will include input from the public on possible amenities and features for the new park, and to develop a plan to fund the improvements.

The City has an option to purchase up to an additional 65 acres in the future.

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