City seeks feedback on Unified Development Code diagnostic report

Jun 15, 2023

The City is seeking comments on a diagnostic report of the Unified Development Code (UDC) as part of the UDC update process. The report assesses the existing UDC and provides recommended changes and updates based on best practices, stakeholder interviews, and community input from a January 2023 online survey.

Residents and stakeholders will be able to provide feedback on the diagnostic report through Aug. 9 at Comments will be recorded and referenced throughout the update process. An interactive map is also available on the project website for residents and stakeholders to share their ideas and examples of development in Georgetown that has worked well and areas for improvement. The map will be available for public input throughout the entire update process.

Adopted by City Council in 2003, the City’s UDC is the primary tool used to regulate land development in Georgetown. Rapid growth, changes in market demand, and the recent adoption of an updated 2030 Comprehensive Plan have spurred the need to revisit the UDC to ensure alignment with best practices, resident expectations, and City adopted plans and policies. The update will help define how to manage future land development and maintain the quality-of-life Georgetown residents have come to expect.

In October 2022, City Council approved an agreement with Freese and Nichols to update the City’s UDC along with a steering committee— including City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission members and members of the public—to help oversee the project.

The 24-month process will largely be driven by feedback from code users, the community, and policies and actions identified through the 2030 Comprehensive Plan and other master plans.

Throughout the process, the City will host a variety of City Council workshops, Steering Committee meetings, and community engagement opportunities that will be open to the public.

Visit for additional information on the code update process. The website includes an interactive map, project schedule, documents, how to get involved, and contact information.

If you are interested in having a representative from the City speak to your group or organization about the UDC update, email


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