Georgetown Bark Park improvements, dedication

Jun 6, 2023

dog agility equipment inside the Bark Park on Holly Street

Visitors to the Georgetown Bark Park, 151 Holly St., now have $25,000 in additional and improved equipment to use. The improvements are dedicated to the dogs who lost their lives in the Sept. 18, 2021, fire at a pet boarding facility.

Improvements to the park include new dog agility equipment in the small-dog park, replacing equipment in the large-dog park, and new waste cans in both. The City also installed a seating area around the memorial plaque near the entrance that features the names of those lost.

“The improvements and memorial dedicated to the dogs lost in that fire and their families will ensure we honor and remember these members of our community for decades to come,” Mayor Josh Schroeder said. “I remain proud of the steps City Council and our fire department took to update our fire code requirements and inspections for boarding facilities, which will help prevent tragedies like the one we experienced here from happening again.”

Fire code updates

All animal care facilities in Georgetown are required to install fire alarms after City Council on Feb. 23, 2022, unanimously approved amendments to the City’s fire codes. Newly constructed facilities have additional fire protection requirements.

The amendments make Georgetown’s fire codes among the strongest in the country when it comes to protecting pets and animals. Most fire codes—including on the international, national, and state levels— do not require fire prevention features for animal-care facilities.

As a result of investigating the Sept. 18, 2021, fire, the fire department added animal housing or care facilities to its annual, priority inspections list, as well as audited and inspected the existing animal care facilities in its service area in fall 2021.

“We are pleased to see the animal-care facilities begin the process of installing the fire alarm equipment,” Georgetown Fire Chief John Sullivan said.

Click here for more information about Georgetown’s updated fire codes and background on the pet boarding facility fire.


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