City seeks feedback on future of downtown

Mar 13, 2023

The City is asking residents to share how they use downtown Georgetown and what they’d like to see improved as we work to update our Downtown Master Plan.

The City is undertaking a comprehensive assessment of our historic downtown district to create a vision for future land-use, facilities, programming, and conditions to ensure the continued success of this storied district for years to come. Over the next year, the City and its consultant, Design Workshop, will be investigating and analyzing our existing downtown area, comprehensively engaging the public, researching national trends and best practices, developing and evaluating recommendations, and documenting our findings.

“We urge you to be a part of this process by participating in our numerous community engagement opportunities to ensure all voices are heard throughout this year-long planning process,” Downtown & Tourism Director Kim McAuliffe said.

Members of the public can share feedback through this survey, which closes April 10. Representatives from the City and Design Workshop also provided information and input opportunities at the Williamson County 175th celebration March 10-11 and will present initial findings and additional information at the City’s 175th celebration, which will be during the Red Poppy Festival in the South Main Arts District on April 28-30.

At this stage in the plan-development process, the City is asking for information from the community regarding why they visit downtown, what they like about downtown, what they’d like to see expand or grow, where there are areas for improvement, and any other related feedback to incorporate into the plan update. Residents can also sign up to receive email updates on the plan at the bottom of the project website.

The City’s first Downtown Master Plan was developed in 2003. That plan was updated in 2014 through a collaborative effort between City staff, the Downtown Master Plan Advisory Committee, and residents. As the plan was revised, the City strived to maintain the downtown’s historical character, invest in economic development that not only enhances the lives of area residents, but increases the sustainability and financial standing of Georgetown.

The City will provide additional opportunities during the next several months for the public to continue to provide input and inform the plan.

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