Georgetown Public Works program wins Texas Municipal League award

Oct 26, 2022

City of Georgetown staff members and City Council members are recognized at the Texas Municipal League conference in early October for the City's downtown ambassador program.The City of Georgetown’s Public Works Department received a 2022 Municipal Excellence Award for its Downtown Ambassador Program from the Texas Municipal League in early October.

The program, initiated in November 2020 with the help of contractor Texas Disposal System, helps keep the Square clean by removing litter, emptying decorative sidewalk trash containers, cleaning up around dumpsters, and providing extra collection of the dumpsters when needed.

“The Georgetown Square is the Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas, and we want to make sure it lives up to that moniker,” City Manager David Morgan said. “By partnering in the Downtown Ambassador Program, the City and Texas Disposal Systems are dedicated to maintaining a clean and healthy environment for our residents and visitors to enjoy.”

The Municipal Excellence Awards recognizes cities in Texas for their work meeting the challenges of municipal governance. The ambassador program was recognized for its innovative problem-solving, excellence in management, and reaching toward higher service levels.

Representatives from the downtown ambassadors are recognized at the Oct. 25 City Council meeting

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