City seeks public feedback to help shape future of transportation

Oct 24, 2022

The City wants to know what is and isn’t working about Georgetown’s current transportation network and is asking the community to share their feedback and perspectives as it works to update its Future Mobility Plan, formerly known as the Overall Transportation Plan.

The Future Mobility Plan will make recommendations to improve transportation in Georgetown. These recommendations allow the City to apply for more local, state, and federal funding to implement the projects. Public feedback on the process will help identify and prioritize future road projects and planning.

“Public input is critical to helping Georgetown prepare and plan for our future transportation needs,” Mayor Josh Schroeder said. “We need your help to understand the current challenges, so we can build a transportation network that serves and meets our growing needs.”

When the City went through this process in 2014, residents identified the need to have an alternate to Williams Drive, and the plan included the concept of Northwest Boulevard Bridge. In 2015, residents overwhelmingly supported the bond election to fund the bridge, which was completed in 2021.

Members of the public can share feedback on the project website through Dec. 1, and in person at a community open house. The open house is scheduled from 4 to 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, in the Friends Room of the Georgetown Public Library, 402 W. Eighth St.

At this stage, the City is asking for information from the community regarding gaps within Georgetown’s transportation network (for sidewalks, bicycle facilities, roadways, etc.), safety issues, and any other related feedback. Members of the public also can share how they currently get around the City. You can also sign-up to receive emailed updates on the plan at the bottom of the project website.

The City will provide additional opportunities during the next several months for the public to continue to provide input and inform the plan.

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