Tweetalong with Animal Control Supervisor Angela Jones

Apr 19, 2022

This Animal Control Officers Appreciation Week, we decided to join Animal Control Supervisor Angela Jones for a tweetalong to learn about her, her job, and see a day in the life of an animal control officer in Georgetown.

While no two workdays are the same for a lot of us, when it comes to animal control, Jones said anything is possible. From loose dogs and stray cats to wildlife and loose livestock, Jones told us to be prepared for anything.

“Our calls vary so much day by day and season by season,” she said. “One month we can impound 40 animals, and the next month 11. In the spring, we tend to bring in more cats so those numbers can increase drastically.”

Animal Control Supervisor Angela Jones helps vaccinate a puppy at the Georgetown Animal Shelter.

Jones said her tips for people to keep their pets safe are to vaccinate them for rabies and make sure your license them with the City each year.

“It’s also very helpful to microchip your animals so in the event they get lost we can reunite them with you much faster,” she said.

Her other tip is to have a plan in place in case of emergencies such as natural disasters, hospitalizations, changes in family status, or accidents. You can find information about pet emergency plans here.

We joined Jones on Thursday, April 14, for her eight-hour shift. During our time together, we helped reunite two dogs with their families, had the opportunity to educate several residents on the City’s leash ordinances, moved a snake from a resident’s back porch, and rescued an opossum.

You can relive the day with us here.

Here are some highlights from our day:

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