Ubiquity to build open-access fiber-optic infrastructure across Georgetown

Dec 15, 2021

City Council approved a pole attachment agreement at its Dec. 14 meeting with communications network company Ubiquity which will pave the way for the construction of an open-access fiber-optic network throughout the city.

The company initially plans to invest $75 million to establish fiber connectivity across Georgetown and plans to start construction in early 2022 once right-of-way permits have been granted.

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership with Ubiquity, which will allow for more fiber network options to come into the Georgetown market,” Mayor Josh Schroeder said. “Fiber is the future, and we are glad Ubiquity selected Georgetown as an investment location for their new technology.”

The company’s open-access model makes the fiber system open to any local and national cable and internet service providers, as well as other technology platforms, such as 5G wireless cell sites. This approach reduces the cost and disruption of construction for providers looking to expand to Georgetown and maximizes connectivity choice across the Ubiquity footprint.

“Ubiquity is incredibly excited to bring next-generation fiber infrastructure to Georgetown,” Ubiquity Managing Director Greg Dial said. “Our open-access fiber model is designed to accommodate both current and future connectivity use cases including support of mobile carriers, smart city applications, edge computing, and a broad choice of broadband providers. The build-once, connect-all approach will reduce city disruption during installation while maximizing access to what has become a critical utility.”

Construction is expected to take 2-3 years to complete. The project will provide connectivity for 80 percent of residents and 95 percent of businesses in Georgetown with the first customers coming online in summer 2022.

For more information about the company, visit ubiquitygp.com.

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