Adopt Don’t Shop for Christmas

Dec 10, 2021

Give the gift of love and companionship for Christmas by adopting a dog or cat from the Georgetown Animal Shelter. The shelter is overflowing with good dogs and cats looking for soft beds and full bellies.

The best way to bring a new dog or cat into the family is to have the whole family participate in the adoption process in the weeks leading up to the holidays, rather than surprising a family member with a kitten or puppy.

  1. Start by looking at the available animals on our website,, read the descriptions, and think about what kind of qualities you want or need in a pet. Are you looking for a companion who is good or tolerant of other animals? One who is suitable for children? One who likes to go on walks?
  2. Complete the application found on the website, which allows staff to review it ahead of time and be prepared to offer recommendations.
  3. Make an appointment for one-on-one customer service.

If the meeting is successful and you adopt, then you can have fun including the pet in holiday gift-giving by purchasing toys, supplies, or even training. The shelter’s adoption fees are at an all-time low, so you will have extra funds to use. Dogs 8 months or older are $15 (small dogs excluded), and cats 8 months or older are free.

So please adopt, don’t shop this season. In addition to gaining a new furry friend, the adoption would free up a badly needed kennel for another animal.

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