Georgetown residents invited to learn recommendations for small area plans

Oct 15, 2021

The City of Georgetown, in partnership with APD Urban Planning & Management and the neighborhood steering committees for San Jose and Track Ridge Grasshopper (TRG), invite Georgetown residents to participate in the final public meetings for the San Jose and TRG neighborhood plans.

“This last community meeting is really important for the neighborhood to attend,” said Chasity Hattley, TRG Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee chair. “At the meeting, we are going to share the vision statement and the goals and recommendations gathered from the neighborhood over these last six months. We are proud of the process so far, and we as the Steering Committee want to make sure we have the understanding and support of the entire neighborhood.”

These final community meetings will share the final vision and goals for the neighborhoods, as well as recommendations on topics such as housing, transportation, land use, and zoning. Example recommendations range from safety improvements, like sidewalks and traffic management, to ways to celebrate the history and culture of each neighborhood through public art. These recommendations are the result of public input gathered during two community meetings, as well as six meetings with each of the neighborhood steering committees.

The meetings in November are designed as open houses, with a presentation made at the start of each meeting.

Following these meetings, the project team will finalize the recommendations for each neighborhood plan and will present those recommendations to the City Council in December, with consideration of adoption in early 2022.

  • San Jose meeting details: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 10, Annie Purl Elementary Library, 1953 Maple St.
  • TRG meeting details: 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 11, in the Hewlett room at the Georgetown Public Library, 402 W. Eighth St.

“Volunteer members of the San Jose neighborhood have spent several months making sure that the concerns and issues in our neighborhood were given attention,” said Christina Calixtro, San Jose Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee chair. “As the city of Georgetown continues to grow, we have already seen gentrification in our TRG area. I’d like to strongly encourage my neighbors and their families of the San Jose Neighborhood to attend the last community meeting regarding the outcome of the work that has been put into the plan of preservation for San Jose.”

More about Neighborhood Plans

As the City of Georgetown began its effort in August 2020 to create neighborhood plans for the TRG and San Jose neighborhoods, City staff and neighborhood representatives surveyed the residents of both neighborhoods. Since that time, City Council has approved $200,000 toward funding the work, including hiring a consultant to help with the planning process. Using the August 2020 survey results as a starting point, the City is beginning a study of the neighborhoods to learn more about what residents want to preserve, change, and improve. The Neighborhood Plans capture residents’ ideas and make recommendations on how to achieve them. Recommendations range from future development, housing affordability, and infrastructure projects, such as building sidewalks or installing stop signs, to historic and cultural celebration, such as art installations. The City and APD Urban Planning & Management held public meetings for the neighborhood plans June 30, July 1, Sept. 1, and Sept. 2, 2021, along with 12 steering committee meetings in the past six months.

More information about small area plans is available at

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