Feedback needed to improve watershed protection

Jun 18, 2021

The City is seeking feedback from the community regarding general knowledge of the natural waterway systems and the programs the City of Georgetown provides to protect those systems. The results will be used to develop or improve education materials and programs residents can use to help protect water quality.

“Our waterways, like Lake Georgetown and the San Gabriel River, aren’t just great recreation spots,” Georgetown stormwater management coordinator Tiffany Spicer said. “They also serve as homes to hundreds of species and provide drinking water from, through and to Georgetown and other communities in the area. It’s important we know people’s understanding of these systems, their impacts, and our programs, so we can work together to protect these critical resources.”

Take the survey here before it closes Friday, July 16.

The City of Georgetown has a Storm Water Management Program as required by state and federal regulations. The program describes the steps required to reduce pollutants in the City’s storm water. The City’s existing programs and activities are designed to protect the environment and water quality. The survey results will be used to improve the program and community outreach.

More information can be found at

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