Traffic pattern changed at Hwy. 29 & H-E-B

Jun 10, 2021

Crews are expected overnight Thursday, June 10, to activate a new traffic signal at University Avenue/SH 29 at HEB and the new Aldi store. The old signal at HEB will be deactivated and removed. The new traffic pattern is expected to be in place by Friday morning. See the map for details about the changes. 

The new median on Hwy 29 is made of vertical delineators and not raised concrete curbing.

There are no signs at the new signal that prohibit U-turns. However, a U-turn may not be possible for large trucks or other vehicles. For drivers exiting the Shell or the shopping center that includes the Jimmy John’s who need to get to I-35, a safer alternate might be to turn into Wolf Crossing at the new signal and use the internal roads to get back to the I-35 frontage road.

The developer of Wolf Crossing paid for new deceleration lanes on Hwy 29 and the I-35 frontage road, as well as a share of other traffic improvements in the area, including the future expansion/rebuild of the Hwy 29 bridge over I-35. The new traffic signal was funded by the Georgetown Transportation Enhancement Corporation through the 0.5 percent sales tax dedicated to new transportation improvements related to economic development projects. The cost of the signal was $400,000.

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