Mayor statement on Black Lives Matter events

Jun 3, 2020

City of Georgetown leaders, including Mayor Dale Ross and Council members, Police Chief Wayne Nero and other police officers, and City Manager David Morgan, joined more than 200 people on the Square Wednesday afternoon in support of the Black Lives Matter protest. City leaders plan to attend other events scheduled for this weekend.

The City and the protest organizers are asking everyone to protest peacefully and continue to follow CDC guidelines to protect themselves and others against COVID-19, including wearing a face mask and limiting contact with and proximity to others.

The City of Georgetown knows of three planned events on the Square within the next few days. These events are organized by private individuals and organizations and are not City events. First Amendment events do not require a special-events permit.

Black Lives Matter/Police Brutality protest
1 p.m. Wednesday, June 3

Peaceful Assembly
Noon to 6 p.m. Saturday, June 6

A Prayer for Black Lives Lost to Police Violence
3 to 5 p.m. Sunday, June 7

Below is a statement from Mayor Ross about the events. Chief Nero’s comments can be found here, on his official Facebook page.

I’m honored to stand with our community as we protest the injustices and racism so prevalent in our society. The prayer event Sunday is particularly poignant: We need prayer all the time, but especially now, when so much of our community is hurting and angry and scared.

These protests are for a just cause that must be heard, and I want the community to know that we are listening. We, as a government and as a community, have much more work to do to acknowledge and address the inherent racism in our city. We won’t get there, we won’t see real change, without one another, without our whole community joining together.

On Wednesday, Chief Nero spoke with community leaders to help identify challenges here in Georgetown and a path forward. We anticipate additional community conversations in the coming weeks. We hope you’ll join us.

I support the Police Department’s continued efforts to engage and build relationships with every part of our community. We must open our minds, our ears, and our hearts to every voice in our community, so we can move forward, together, to make Georgetown a better place.

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