Drain your pool safely this fall

Sep 20, 2019

As pool season comes to a close, many pool owners may decide to drain their pools for cleaning or necessary repairs. It’s important to remember a few tips when draining your pool to protect waterways and yards.

Here’s how to properly drain your pool in three easy steps:

  1. Let your pool water sit for five to ten days to allow chlorine to break down naturally. Avoid adding chlorine to the water before draining. The water pH level should be between 6.5 and 8.
  2. Stop all chemical water treatments. Avoid adding any chemicals to help reduce the water pH.
  3. Slowly drain pool water onto your lawn. If possible, drain the pool slowly onto your lawn over a few days. Avoid draining the pool water directly into storm drains and be sure to watch where the water goes to avoid flooding your neighbor’s yard.

Water from your pool may drain through yards into storm inlets, which lead to streams and rivers. Along with chlorine, pool chemicals can be toxic to fish, turtles, other amphibians, and plants.

By following these three steps, you can ensure that that water from your pool does not affect the water quality in rivers and streams or harm the plants, fish, amphibians, or other organisms that live in them.

For more information, visit transportation.georgetown.org/storm-water-plan/public-awareness.

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