Twenty-seven bats captured inside buildings in February

Mar 5, 2019

Spring is the time when Mexican free-tailed bats arrive in Central Texas. City of Georgetown Animal Services officers captured 27 bats inside buildings during the month of February. All bats tested negative for carrying rabies.

“If you remember nothing else – do not touch the bat, and call animal control,” says John Torrez, Animal Control Supervisor for the City of Georgetown.

On the occasion that a bat does enter a building, many will exit on their own, if given the opportunity. Turn off any interior lights and allow a clear pathway such as an open door for them to escape.

Bats hanging on the outside of buildings are common in the area and, if left alone, will usually fly away at dusk.

If a bat lands on the ground, it has difficulty becoming airborne again and usually will attract attention from children and pets in the area. Make sure to keep your pets up-to-date on rabies vaccinations and close off pet doors at night. Remind children if they see a bat on the ground, to leave it alone and alert an adult.

If there is a possibility of either pet or human exposure to a bat, please contact Animal Services immediately. Animal Services will collect the bat to submit it for testing at the Texas Department of Health to verify the absence of the rabies virus.

To report a bat within the city limits of Georgetown, call the 24-hour number for the Georgetown Police Department at (512) 930-3510. An animal control officer will respond to the report.

Georgetown Animal Services and Animal Shelter is located at 110 Walden Dr., Georgetown, Texas, 78626. Contact the shelter at (512) 930-3592, by email at or online at

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