Shelter maintains no-kill status

Jan 8, 2019

For the fourth year in a row, the Georgetown Animal Shelter has achieved a live outcome rate above 90 percent, which means it is considered a no-kill shelter. The save rate was 94 percent for the fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30.

The live outcome rate is notable for an open-admission public shelter. Factors in the 94 percent live outcome rate include a high rate of animal adoptions, the number of animals returned to owners, and the cleanliness of the shelter which results in healthy animals.

Other notable milestones for the 2018 fiscal year include:

  • A record 29 percent of animals returned to their owners, including 384 dogs and 64 cats
  • 888 animals, or 57 percent of all impounded animals, adopted or transferred to rescue groups
  • 648 cats and dogs vaccinated at low-cost vaccine clinics
  • 113 cats spayed or neutered at the free spay/neuter clinics for cats and the animal shelter’s public assistance program
  • 213 volunteers recorded 7,036 volunteer hours

The Georgetown Animal Shelter is located at 110 W.L. Walden Drive.

Contact the shelter at (512) 930-3592, or online at

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