Western District customers asked to suspend outdoor irrigation

Jun 25, 2018

Georgetown Utility Systems is asking for a suspension of all outdoor irrigation for areas in the Western District, formerly called the Chisholm Trail SUD. This weekend there was a large pump failure that reduced pumping capacity in the Western District. A reduction in outdoor irrigation in the Western District is the most effective way to help reduce the impact of this failure.

A boil water notice has been issued for a portion of the Western District as a precaution due to sustained low pressure and an inability to adequately flush water system in the area.

While the water pump is out, adequate water pressure is affected by outdoor irrigation use by customers in the Western District. The utility is working to repair the pump that is out of service. The pump is being serviced offsite by a specialist. The City is purchasing a second pump to help create redundant pumping capacity.

A revised irrigation schedule for the Western District will be issued after the boil water notice is lifted. The boil water notice was the result of interrupted water pressure. If the system can maintain adequate water pressure, then the boil water notice should be lifted within three days. Again, the most effective way to ensure adequate water pressure is for Western District customers to suspend outdoor irrigation.

Customers in the boil water notice area are able to shower and bathe. Affected customers are asked to boil their water prior to consumption (e.g., brushing teeth, drinking, etc.). Customers are able to use a dishwasher if using the heat dry setting. Finally, customers are asked to empty their ice maker bucket and then refill them after the boil water notice has been lifted. Please refer to the boil water notice on the City’s website for details.

(Water pump suspended by crane at right.)

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