Traffic signal changes help mobility on Williams Drive

Oct 18, 2017

The City is using new traffic signal technology along the Williams Drive corridor to help improve mobility on the roadway. Flashing yellow left-turn arrows are now operating and in the next week, the city will implement new traffic signal timing that will better synchronize signals along the corridor.

The signal synchronization is the first project to be implemented from the Williams Drive Study adopted by City Council in August. The study was completed in partnership with the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization through its Platinum Planning Process.

The project was made possible because of the utility fiber network that the City has put into place in the past several years connecting City facilities and infrastructure.

The flashing yellow arrow signals are operational along the corridor from I-35 to Jim Hogg Road, with the exception of the Del Webb Boulevard intersection. Flashing yellow arrow signals allow drivers to make left turns while yielding to on-coming traffic and pedestrians.

In conjunction with signal operation and timing improvements, the City will also install monitoring devices and backup batteries at all 19 of the city-owned traffic signals.

Monitoring devices at signals allow City staff to see and adjust signal performance remotely, and the batteries will prevent traffic signals from shutting off during electrical outages in all 19 of the city-owned traffic signals.

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