New historic district street signs to be installed

Oct 12, 2017

New historic district street signsThe City is installing 554 new historic district street signs throughout the Old Town and Downtown historic districts this weekend, Oct. 14-15.

The architectural design detail on the signs was created by Georgetown artist Nick Ramos and was inspired by the large number of Mesker Brothers storefronts in the downtown area. The City of Georgetown is home to one of the largest collection of Mesker storefronts, which incorporate a crest or shell design in the columns and cornice lines. Examples of the design include the Georgetown Art Center and the Dimmit and M.B. Lockett buildings.

The signs are a “red poppy red” color and feature a flower as part of the architectural design. The design pays tribute to the architectural heritage of the Georgetown community and will help identify the districts and promote the historic nature to residents and visitors.

The signs, which were made in Waco and will be installed by Area Wide Protective crews, are partially funded by the Downtown tax increment reinvestment zone, or TIRZ. The TIRZ helps fund improvement projects throughout the downtown area.

The blue street signs that are being replaced will be sold for $10 each during the Nov. 11 Market Days event on the Square. Signs will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis during the event from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

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