Trucks with bridge beams affect traffic May 11-12

May 8, 2017

This Thursday and Friday concrete bridge beams will be delivered at the Southwest Bypass bridge site in southwest Georgetown. Delivery of 42 precast bridge beams in convoys of six trucks at a time will lead to brief road closures on the Leander Road and I-35 intersection. Traffic on the main lanes of I-35 should not be affected. The beam delivery schedule is weather-dependent.

On May 11-12 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. each day, police will close Leander Road at the intersection with I-35 for brief periods to allow groups of six trucks with beams to pass through the intersection. These trucks will travel west on Leander Road and turn north at the Southwest Bypass right-of-way, which is about 600 feet west of Riverview Drive.

Once at the bridge site, each beam will be lifted from the transport truck with two cranes and lowered into place on bridge supports. The steel-reinforced concrete beams are for bridges over the South San Gabriel River and an unnamed tributary that are part of the Southwest Bypass project.

Due to the intermittent closures on Leander Road, drivers should expect traffic delays. Prior to moving through the Leander Road intersection, the trucks will be staging along the I-35 northbound frontage roads in Georgetown.

Southwest Bypass is a new north-south arterial that will connect with D.B Wood Road and Leander Road. The construction contract for the Southwest Bypass has a completion date in late 2018; however, the contractor is ahead of schedule.

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