UDC Amendments take effect April 1

Mar 20, 2017

Changes to the Unified Development Code that were approved by City Council on February 28, 2017, will take effect on April 1, 2017.  After numerous public meetings over the past year, Council approved several amendments to the code.  Most of these changes were based on previous updates to the City’s Comprehensive (2030) Plan and Elements in prior years.

The newly amended code is now published and available for download. The Development Manual will be updated to reflect those changes.  The red-lined chapters, as part of the Ordinance, will remain on the website so the changes can be seen. The primary changes made to the Unified Development Code from the existing regulations include:

  • Chapter 3 – Development Applications
    • Development Application Order
    • Plat Extensions
    • Establishing a Subdivision Variance process
  • Chapters 6 and 7 – Development Standards
    • Clarified setback requirements
    • Applicability of Chapters
  • Chapter 12 – Pedestrian and Vehicle Circulation
    • Pedestrian and Bicycle mobility
    • Streets
    • Driveways and Easement
    • Road Adequacy Standards
    • Established a formula for existing and future connectivity
    • Intersection spacing
    • Cul-de-sac- protection
  • Chapter 13 – Public Improvements
    • Codification of current practice for requesting voluntary annexation
  • Chapter 16 – Definitions
    • Modified definitions for transportation related items

Click here to view the new UDC in its entirety.

Questions can be directed to planning@georgetown.org.

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