Animal Shelter: Bring Your Pets Indoors

Dec 7, 2016

dog of week 12-01-12-250With an arctic front bearing down on Texas, the Georgetown Animal Shelter wants to remind everyone to take special care of their animals this winter.

The best thing to do is to keep pets indoors during bad weather.  In addition to cold temperatures, the wind chill is dangerous, and pets can suffer hypothermia and frostbite.

For dogs and cats that are left outside all the time, make sure to provide a dry, draft-free shelter that is small enough to hold body heat and large enough for them to lie down. The shelter should have supplemental bedding or auxiliary heat and protection from wind and rain.

“We hope people will take good care of their cats and dogs and other animals because it is the right thing to do, but they should also remember animal neglect or cruelty is a citable offence,” according to shelter manager Jackie Carey.

cat Condilou 3-2-16If you notice a pet in the city limits of Georgetown that is not being properly sheltered, you can report the details to animal control by calling the police dispatcher at 512-930-3510, ext. 6.  (Outside the city limits, contact Williamson County Animal Control.)

For questions, contact the Georgetown Animal Shelter at 512-930-3592 or The shelter is located at 110 WL Walden Dr. in Georgetown, and their web address is

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