Citizen Survey of City Services and Programs

Oct 27, 2016

Earlier this year, a Texas State University survey team conducted a survey of Georgetown residents on behalf of the City of Georgetown. Overall, City services and programs received high marks in the Citizen Survey. Watch the short video to see highlights of the Citizen Survey results.

With respect to the overall quality of life in Georgetown, 97 percent rated it as good or excellent and 95 percent think Georgetown is a good or excellent place to raise children. Almost 80 percent of our citizens feel the value they receive for the taxes they pay are good or excellent.

When asked about public safety, 95 percent of those polled think police protective service are good or excellent and 98 percent feel fire protective services are good or excellent. The City’s newest service, EMS medical transports, are rated good or excellent by 97 percent of respondents.

Those polled think Georgetown is a safe place to live and also think a fun place to live. More than 90 percent of respondents rated the parks, recreation programs, the library, and downtown events like the Red Poppy festival as good or excellent.

Overall the survey results are positive, but the survey did identify areas for improvement such as mobility, additional employment opportunities and additional retail.

The City plans to conduct a Citizen Survey every two to three years in order to make sure that City services and programs are responsive to citizen expectations.

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