Street Sealant Work Update

Apr 27, 2016

On Thursday April 28, City crews will be applying black sand to the cul-de-sac on River Rock Drive in order to stabilize the Rejuvenation Street Sealant applied in March.  At approximately 3:00 p.m., as the temperature warms and the sealant softens, staff will apply a thin layer of sand and roller compact it into the street.  On Friday morning, crews will sweep any excess sand and monitor conditions as traffic drives on the roadway.

If the sealant is stabilized, crews will schedule the same application early next week when temperatures are expected to be high enough to activate the material on the following cul-de-sacs: Cobalt Cove, Tea Tree Cove, Cider Orchard Cove, Butter Fly Cove, Rainwater Cove, both cul-de-sacs on Stardust Lane, and Tipps Court.  Following the application on the cul-de-sacs, staff will continue to monitor the streets and intersections for any other reactivation and possible sanding application.  Staff will begin driveway cleaning once the sanding application is completed.

The sealant is used to fill small cracks and prevent oxidation of the road surface to extend the pavement life.  The recent tracking of the sealant in Sun City is the result of the latest applications not curing as rapidly as they have in the past. Tracking began occurring mostly on warm days as pavement temperatures reached 120 degrees, causing the sealant to reactivate. This caused tracking issues into driveways and onto adjacent streets.

Staff has shared this issue with the product manufacturer, and requested a plan of action to prevent further tracking.  The manufacture recommended using dry “blotter sand” to prevent additional tracking.  The sand should adhere to the remaining surface and provide a barrier between the surface and tires.  The City’s contract engineer has suggested following a typical TxDOT maintenance procedure for applying the sand.  Sand will be applied with a truck mounted sand spreader and rolled in with a pneumatic roller.  Once dried, any remaining sand will be removed using the City’s vacuum sweeper.  A black sand will be utilized to blend with the existing road surface.  This application will be performed during the warmest part of the day, when the product is reactivated, so the sand will set with the product.

Transportation Department crews have conducted tests in a vacant subdivision near Interstate 35 to help identify issues leading to the product’s tracking.  Staff performed the sanding procedure on freshly applied sealant in a small area with promising results.  Staff has also applied this application to a small test section in Sun City with similar results.

City crews are monitoring the sealant area daily, and have noticed tracks in the product when temperatures rise and heavy vehicles travel the roadway.  To minimize tire rubber and product tracking, residents should refrain from sharp turns into and on driveways.

No further rejuvenation street sealant applications are scheduled at this time.

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