Shotgun House Renovation Work

Apr 21, 2016

Shotgun House NE webRepair work on the Shotgun House at 801 West Street will begin on May 9. The work on the historic structure coincides with Preservation Month, which is celebrated each year in May.

The Georgetown Cultural Citizen Memorial Association holds educational events at the Shotgun House about the history of the African American community in Georgetown. The structure is representative of the types of homes that were common in African American neighborhood known as the Ridge that is west of the downtown Square.

Repairs to the Shotgun House include replacing some of the deteriorating siding around the outside of the building, door and screen door repair, minor roof repairs, and a complete exterior paint job to match the current green color. Repairs are expected to be completed in three months.

The City purchased the property in 1996 and it opened as a museum in 2002, following a 2001 restoration project.

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