San Gabriel River Bank Stabilization

Feb 17, 2016

A bank stabilization project along the San Gabriel River in San Gabriel Park will begin in March. A low retaining wall will be constructed along the grassy north bank of the river in San Gabriel Park.

The retaining wall will span more than 1,700 feet from the confluence of the north and south forks of the river by the pedestrian bridge to a point near a natural spring outlet. The top of the retaining wall will be even with the ground and will not obstruct views or access to the river from the park.

The bank stabilization project will address erosion that occurs along the riverbank during flooding. The project was identified as a priority in 2013. Engineering work began in 2014 and permits have been obtained from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Texas Historical Commission, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Construction is set to begin in March and conclude in June. The project is funded with $454,739 from parks bond funds authorized by Georgetown voters in 2008.

Fishing and access to portions of the river and a segment of the trail in the park will be limited during the construction period.

To facilitate the construction work during the project, the sluice gates in the low-head dam near the low-water crossing will be removed, which will allow most water to drain from the river basin. Water will continue to flow in smaller channel of the river. The project also will include the removal of gravel deposits from the river bed as well as the removal of dead trees on the steep south river bank along College Street.

Once the retaining wall has been completed, the sluice gates in the dam will be replaced, allowing the river to refill to its normal pool level.

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