Airport Improvements Funded by TXDOT

Feb 15, 2016

Terminal and zero webSafety and maintenance improvements at the Georgetown Municipal Airport are set to begin this spring. The work is funded under a 90/10 match grant program through the Texas Department of Transportation. The Texas Transportation Commission approved an $8.3 million dollar grant at their meeting on January 28. Airport revenues are funding $830,000 toward the improvements, which is a 10 percent match to the TXDOT funding.

Improvements include a new lighting system along the taxiways to improve visibility for pilots at night or in foggy conditions. In addition, taxiways will be repaired with crack seal and seal coating and the concrete apron near the Terminal will be patched. A taxiway realignment will allow for easier movement of airplanes. In order to meet clear zone requirements, trees will be removed at the end of Runway 11/29.

Below-ground fuel tanks at the Airport will be replaced with new above-ground tanks, including a 15,000 gallon tank for Avgas and a 20,000 gallon tank for Jet A fuel. The new tanks meet current environmental rules for aviation fueling facilities. A concrete containment berm will enhance groundwater protection.

It should be noted that these improvements will not lengthen runways or allow heavier planes to land at the Airport. The improvements are designed to improve safety for the type of aircraft currently using the Airport.

Another element of the grant funding through TXDOT includes an update to the Airport Master Plan, which guides future use and development of the Airport. Public involvement will be a key element of the Master Plan update. Consultant selection is slated to begin this summer on the two-year Master Plan update process.

For more information about Airport improvements, go to the Georgetown Municipal Airport website at Also check out the Citizen FAQ.

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