Wind Turbines Powering Georgetown

Oct 13, 2015

Wind turbines are providing for Georgetown’s energy needs three months ahead of schedule. The Spinning Spur 3 wind farm near Amarillo, which was projected to start producing electricity in January, became operational September 28. The wind plant is now providing energy to meet most of Georgetown’s daily power needs, positioning Georgetown on the path to a 100 percent renewable energy goal.

The Spinning Spur 3 wind farm owned by EDF Renewable Energy produces 194 megawatts of electricity, which is enough to power 58,200 homes annually. Georgetown’s 20-year contract is for 144 megawatts.

The 18,000 acre Spinning Spur 3 plant has 97 wind turbines, each of which produces 2 megawatts of power, or enough to power 600 homes annually. Electricity generated at the Spinning Spur 3 wind farm is sent to Georgetown via transmission lines.

The grid will ensure a constant power supply to Georgetown if the turbines are not online, but on most days, Georgetown’s energy needs will be supplied by the wind plant. When a solar plant comes online at the end of 2016, Georgetown will have enough power under contract to serve the entire demand for the utility.

In March, the City of Georgetown announced that the municipal electric utility will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy by 2017. The utility will be powered by the EDF Renewable Energy wind plant and a SunEdison solar farm that will be constructed near Fort Stockton next year.

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