Majestic Oak Lane to Close at North End

Sep 17, 2015

With the opening of a new route from the Sun City Cowan Creek area to Williams Drive, the City of Georgetown is closing Majestic Oak Lane on the north end. The closure just south of Apache Mountain Lane is set to take effect on September 28.

The new route from the Sun City neighborhood to Williams Drive is set to open by September 24. Pedernales Falls Drive will connect to a new road called Rocky Hollow Creek Drive, which connects to County Road 245 and then to Williams Drive.

The temporary closure of Majestic Oak Lane is due to traffic volume concerns from residents of Woodland Park, a neighborhood traversed by Majestic Oak Lane.

Majestic Oak Lane will be closed at Apache Mountain Lane for 60 to 90 days. Plastic stakes in the roadway will mark the road closure for vehicular traffic.  Emergency access will be maintained since fire trucks, ambulances, or police vehicles can drive over the flexible plastic stakes. Pedestrian and bicycle access also will remain open through gaps between the plastic stakes.

After a 60 to 90 day period of closure, Majestic Oak Lane will be reopened at Apache Mountain Lane. The City will conduct traffic counts on Majestic Oak Lane and Rocky Hollow Creek Drive for 90 days after the re-opening and evaluate the need for continued or additional traffic mitigation.

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