Transit Plan Youth Open House on July 20

Jul 15, 2015

An open house meeting on the Transit Development Plan for Georgetown will be at 2 p.m. on Monday, July 20. The open house will be at the Parks and Recreation Administration office at 1101 N. College Street. The Transit Development Plan is a working blueprint for a fixed-route bus system in Georgetown.

Anyone is welcome to attend this open house meeting. The City especially encourages youth and youth organizations in Georgetown to attend and share ideas on transit needs. For example, with respect to youth, what is a reasonable bus fare? What days of the week and hours of operation should be considered? What key destinations should be served for bus routes? What should be the age limit for unaccompanied youth?

City boards and commissions providing input on the Transit Development Plan include the Commission on Aging, ADA Advisory Board, Parks and Recreation Board, and the Georgetown Transportation Advisory Board.

The Transit Development Plan, initiated by the City of Georgetown and Capital Metro, will help define service plan needs for fixed-route bus service in Georgetown, including routing, service hours, frequency, and boundaries. The plan will help to determine the most appropriate services and requirements for providing bus service in the community, accounting for the varied needs of the area’s population and employment markets. This plan also will include recommendations for connections to potential future high-capacity services that are currently being evaluated through the Project Connect North Corridor Study.

The Transit Development Plan will provide a blueprint for fixed-route bus service in Georgetown. Implementation of the plan will require funding by the City Council and Capital Metro in the future. The anticipated start of fixed-route bus service is 2017.

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