Public Safety Center is SafeTrade Site

Jun 4, 2015

The Georgetown Police Department announces it has joined SafeTrade, a national initiative for safely completing online transactions when meeting in person.

SafeTrade is a simple program for police departments to encourage transactions at their facilities and for users to insist on “SafeTrade” by conducting their transactions only at a local police or sheriff’s office.

“The decision to offer our facility as a SafeTrade location was a no-brainer,” says Capt. Evelyn McLean of the Georgetown Police Department. “We are in the business of protecting and this was an easy way for us to promote a safer transaction between buyers and sellers of merchandise.”

The SafeTrade logo can be used by sellers (without charge) on any ads posted to promote safety and security, and by police departments to indicate they are hosting their location for SafeTrade transactions.

In the past few months, a growing number of police departments in the U.S. have offered to host online transactions, most of them referring to sites such as Craigslist as the reason. Participating police departments can now post banners or use logos referring to their facilities as SafeTrade Stations. Additional information is available at

The lobby of the Public Safety Operations and Training Center is available during business hours as a SafeTrade location. The parking lot is available 24-hours.  Capt. McLean adds, “Georgetown Police Department encourages traders to conduct business during daylight hours. All sales are civil matters and officers should not be called on to intervene.”

SafeTrade banner 1000


Pictured in the photo are (left to right) Officer Fred Pitcher, Sgt. Jamieson Allen, Lt. Jim Seals, Capt. Evelyn McLean, Asst. Chief Cory Tchida, and Chief Wayne Nero. (Click on photo for larger version.)

The Georgetown Police Department is located at the Public Safety Operations and Training Center, 3500 D.B. Wood Road, Georgetown, TX, 78628.

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