Citizen Police Academy Spring Session

Feb 16, 2015

This session of Citizen Police Academy is now full. Those who are interested should apply when the next session is offered.
The Citizen Police Academy is a 10-week course to educate citizens about all aspects of the Georgetown Police Department.

Class sessions include topics such as use-of-force, calling 911, criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, hostage negotiations, Emergency Response Team and SWAT, victim’s assistance, interviewing and interrogation, shoot or don’t shoot, warrants, Municipal Court and Teen Court, Williamson County courts, and Volunteers in Police Service.

Police Chief Wayne Nero typically teaches the class in use-of-force covering the types of weapons, lethal and non-lethal, that are available to officers. The class also assesses scenarios when use of force is justified. The class is often an eye-opener for citizens regarding the use of force by police officers.

Another class with a big impact on past participants is called Shoot, Don’t Shoot. In the class, participants play the role of a police officer via an interactive life-sized video.  Armed with a laser weapon, participants must decide when or when not to shoot in different situations. The video also shows the end-point of each laser shot when participants fire a laser gun. The class provides an accurate depiction of situations that officers must be prepared to face on any given day.

Classes are Thursdays from March 26 through May 28. Sessions are 6 to 8 p.m. in the training room at the new Public Safety Operations and Training Center at 3500 DB Wood Road.

To apply, go to, or stop by the Police Department at the Public Safety Operations and Training Center. The application deadline is March 13. A background check will be conducted on all applicants, who must be 18 or older.

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