Coffee with the Captains on Jan. 21

Jan 12, 2015

A casual, open-to-the-public chance to visit with police officers will be held at a local convenience store on a Wednesday morning later this month.

Called Coffee with the Captains, the informal event organized by Captain Evelyn McLean of the Georgetown Police Department will be at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, January 21. Captain McLean will be joined by fellow Captain Roland Waits at the 7-Eleven store at 2995 Williams Drive (see map below) for the informal event. The two will mingle with customers of the store with no planned agenda.

The intent of the get-together is to listen to residents and establish closer ties with the community. The owner of the 7-Eleven store, Meddy Tekle, recently shared with Captain McLean about a conversation with a customer who felt negatively toward local police.

“Hearing Ms. Tekle’s story, it became apparent to me that the recent adverse media stories about police throughout the country had trickled down to a local level,” says Captain McLean. “We are not a reactive police department. For example, all of our officers have had body cameras well over a year, ahead of any incident. We are not hosting Coffee with the Captains in reaction to any local event, rather community relations is part of our everyday mantra. Case in point, we have one of the largest volunteer programs in the State and our police work closely with these volunteers providing for the public.”

Georgetown Police invites residents to get involved with the Department through various means such as attending the Georgetown Citizen Police Academy, becoming a Volunteer in Police Services, joining the Police Explorer program (ages 14-20), or participating in a ride-out with an officer.

For more information on Georgetown Police Department community programs, contact Captain Evelyn McLean at (512) 930-8408.

Location map for 7-Eleven on Williams Drive:

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