Fire Dept Holds Hunt to Find AEDs in Georgetown

Oct 9, 2014

The Georgetown Fire Department is sponsoring an Easter in October AED Hunt to encourage residents to locate Automated External Defibrillators in the community. An AED is a device that delivers an electric shock to restart the beating heart of a person with sudden cardiac arrest.

Help the Georgetown Fire Department find AEDs in Georgetown area in businesses, public buildings, and churches so that emergency responders will know where AEDs are located in times of emergency.

AED on wall-500Easter in October AED Hunt

How does the Easter in October AED Hunt contest work?

First: Find AEDs in local businesses, churches, and other places in the Georgetown city limits.

Second: Make a list of all the locations in Georgetown city limits with an AED. For each location include the name of the location (e.g., business name, public facility name, etc.), street address, and the phone number for that location. Optional: Take a picture of yourself in front of AEDs you locate. (Photos may be used to help promote the contest.)

Third: Email your list of places with AEDs to the Georgetown Fire Department at Include your name, email, and phone number on your list. The deadline for submissions is 12 p.m. (midnight) on October 25, 2014.

The person with the most AED locations submitted will win a $500 gift certificate.

If you have any questions about the Easter in October AED Hunt contest, contact the Georgetown Fire Department at or call (512) 930-3473.

Contest rules: AED locations must be verifiable to win. In case of a tie, a drawing for a winner will be held. The winner will be announced October 31, 2014. A picture of the winner may be made public. Gift certificate provided by Georgetown Fire Department.

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