Georgetown Animal Shelter – Where Animals are Priceless

Sep 9, 2014

The animals at the Georgetown Animal Shelter are priceless.  Every animal that comes to the shelter is provided basic care such as vaccinations and spaying or neutering the animals. Our shelter staff and volunteers go beyond the basics to offer a full spectrum of care, including:

Vaccines against common diseases $60 dogs, $15 cats
Spay/neuter $190 cats, $230 ave. dog
Microchipping $42
Basic obedience training for dogs $100
Heartworm test for dogs $20
Monthly heartworm preventative $6 – $20
Treatment for dogs with heartworm disease $800 – $1,400 (weight-based)
FIV/FLV test for cats (feline AIDS/feline leukemia) $38

On average, cats receive $310 worth of treatment and services, dogs receive $442 worth of care, and dogs with heartworm $1,542. Other services that are difficult to put a price on include giving baths and grooming, temperament-testing of dogs, cleaning teeth, and hundreds of hours of volunteer time with animals on socializing, cuddling, exercising, and doing agility courses with dogs.

You get all this and more when you adopt a shelter pet, plus the extra rewards of free tail wags, kitty kisses, love, and devotion. The adoption fee of $70 is very low considering what you get in return. How can you put a price tag on love?

The Georgetown shelter makes an investment in our animals. We look for adopters who understand that pet ownership is a commitment for the lifetime of the pet. Visit our shelter to discover how a priceless dog or cat can add untold value to your life!

The Georgetown Animal Shelter is located in Georgetown at 110 WL Walden Drive. Hours are Saturday and Sunday 12 to 4 p.m. and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Contact the shelter at (512) 930-3592 or

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