Fire and Police Depts Recognize Citizen Responders

May 20, 2014

Two citizen responders were recently recognized for their actions that may have helped saved a life after a vehicle collision earlier this year. Billy Ayers, Jr. and his father Billy Ayers were honored at the Georgetown City Council meeting last Tuesday. The Ayers’ actions in responding to an incident during an ice storm were commended by the Georgetown Fire Department and the Georgetown Police Department.

On the evening of January 23, Walburg-area resident Tim Kubatzky was driving on the 130 Toll Road when he hit a patch of ice on the County Road 104 Bridge. His car fishtailed, then skidded off the road and fell 20 feet, landing upside down below the bridge.

Billy Ayers, Jr. was driving on CR 104 a short time later and happened to see the car near the side of the road. Ayers went to check on the car and found Kubatzky, who was injured and trapped inside. The roof of the car was smashed in due to the impact of the wreck, which prevented the doors from opening.

Ayers immediately called 911. He also called his father Billy Ayers to come and assist with tools in order to try to free Kubatzky. The Ayers tried, but were not successful in freeing Kubatzky from the car.

Unfortunately because of the ice storm, emergency responders were overwhelmed with calls and were responding to more than 50 car wrecks at that time. Billy Ayers, Jr. and his father Billy Ayers stayed with Kubatzky in sub-freezing temperatures and contacted 911 multiple times until the Georgetown Fire Department and Police Department arrived. Firefighters were able to free Kubatzky and he was transported to the hospital.

Though Kubatzky sustained multiple serious injuries, he has fully recovered from the accident and joined his wife last week at the council meeting to thank the Ayers, as well as first responders who came to the scene.

In a message to the Fire Department, Tim Kubatzky’s wife Katherine said, “I’m confident that if it wasn’t for Billy and his father’s quick actions and their persistence in getting emergency personnel to Tim, we would have had a very different outcome.”

Fire Chief John Sullivan provided some context at the meeting in thanking the Ayers for their actions. “We think that government is here to protect us,” said Sullivan. “We’re here, but sometimes we get tapped, and that was an evening we got tapped as a system. We had over 50 motor vehicle collisions happening at a short time, all the resources were committed, and we needed community involvement. We deeply appreciate the Ayers’ selfless service.”

Ayers recognition-b-1000

Pictured in the photo (left to right) are Fire Chief John Sullivan, Katherine Kubatzky, Billy Ayers, Jr., Billy Ayers, Tim Kubatzky, and Police Chief Wayne Nero.

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