Scams Reported Involving Past-Due Utility Bill Payments

Jun 21, 2013

The City of Georgetown advises residents to be aware of scams reported to the City involving payments on past-due accounts.

In one case, someone who identified himself as a City of Georgetown employee called a local business about a past-due utility account. The person told the customer to purchase a Visa card at a local store and to call back in order to avoid having utility service disconnected.

In another case, an individual called a homeowner and claimed to be a representative of the Georgetown Utility Systems electric department. The individual told the homeowner that their electricity would be cut off immediately unless they made payment arrangements.

In each case, the person falsely claimed to be an employee of the City of Georgetown in order to get money or credit card information. Georgetown Utility Systems is committed to its customers and together with the Georgetown Police Department will investigate these cases and pursue criminal charges against the perpetrators.

“Georgetown Utility Systems or the Customer Care office will not call customers and demand payments over the phone,” says Leticia Zavala, customer care manager. “Our customer service representatives will not accept payments at your home or business.”

Zavala says that in the case of an overdue utility payment, the City has a three-step notification process:

First, late notices are mailed to customers with unpaid balances the day after the billing due date.

Second, an automated phone call will be made to the phone number on the account in the week the account is scheduled to be disconnected for an unpaid balance.

Third, a yellow card is delivered to the residence at least one day prior to a scheduled service disconnection. This is the final notification before service is disconnected. It is strictly against policy for the customer service representative delivering the card to accept payment in the field.

“The City will advise of a past-due balance,” says Zavala. “But the City will not call you demanding money or come to your home or business demanding money.”

If customers have questions about a utility bill, call the Customer Care Center at (512) 930-3640 before giving out financial information regarding your utility account.

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