Cable and Internet Providers in Georgetown

Cable and internet providers in Georgetown include Optimum (formerly Suddenlink) cable and satellite broadcast providers such as Dish and DirecTV as well as DSL providers such as Frontier.

Ubiquity announced in December 2021 that they are installing fiber infrastructure in Georgetown. FiberFirst will be providing service in the Georgetown area in an agreement with Ubiquity.

Optimum is the only landline cable provider currently operating in most areas of Georgetown, but other landline cable companies could operate here if they chose to. Optimum does not have a monopoly or exclusive franchise in Georgetown. There are no regulatory barriers preventing other cable providers from providing service in Georgetown. Larger cities with more population density tend to have more providers.

Optimum’s franchise to operate is at the state level with the Public Utilities Commission of Texas, as of February 2013. The City of Georgetown does not have the authority to regulate cable franchises or rates. Even prior to 2013 when the City was the franchising entity, the franchise was not exclusive, and the City had no authority to regulate cable rates or programming.

According to the Federal Communications Commission, “Cable programming services tiers (‘CPSTs’) include those programming services except the basic service tier, and does not include any premium channels (such as HBO or Showtime) or any pay-per-view services. The CPST rate is determined by the cable operator and is not subject to government review.” For more information, go to

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