Dogs and Fireworks Displays Not a Good Mix

Leave your dogs at home. That’s what the City Georgetown Animal Shelter is asking residents to do on July 4. Each year people bring their dogs to the fireworks display at San Gabriel Park, and each year some dogs become petrified and escape from their owners, often with dire consequences. One year, a bolting dog from … Continue reading “Dogs and Fireworks Displays Not a Good Mix”

Vaccine Protects Dogs from Parvo Risk

Recently a number of dogs that were picked up in the southeast side of Georgetown have tested positive for parvovirus, a serious, often fatal canine disease. In the past two months, five dogs have tested positive for parvovirus. All were picked up by Georgetown Animal Services in the southeast area of Georgetown. Dogs that are … Continue reading “Vaccine Protects Dogs from Parvo Risk”

Semi-Wild Cats Are Ready for Farm Life

Several semi-wild cats at the City of Georgetown Animal Shelter are still looking for a ticket to their next chapter as a barn or ranch cat. These cats are not fully acclimated to life indoors as a house pet, but can still have a good life and earn their keep on a farm or ranch. … Continue reading “Semi-Wild Cats Are Ready for Farm Life”

Wild Cats Need New Life on the Ranch

The City of Georgetown Animal Shelter is looking for good homes for some semi-wild cats. They are not really suited to indoor living, but can earn their keep and be perfectly happy as barn cats. Jackie Carey, animal services manager, says 19 cats were recently taken from a home in Georgetown. “They’re pretty cats. They’re seal … Continue reading “Wild Cats Need New Life on the Ranch”

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