Parks have re-opened after flood, cleanup continues

Sep 22, 2018

Update: Sunday, Sept. 23: Flooding on the South San Gabriel River and the San Gabriel River has subsided. San Gabriel Park and Blue Hole park have re-opened. Flood damage assessment and debris cleanup is continuing. Sections of the pedestrian bridge on the trail in San Gabriel Park were removed by the floodwater, so the pedestrian crossing is out at that location.
San Gabriel Park and Blue Hole Park are closed due to flooding on the South San Gabriel River, which just crested at 24 feet. Flood stage is 9 feet. Pedestrian crossings on the hike and bike trail also are flooded and are closed. The floodwater is fast moving and contains a large amount of debris.

At this time, there are no reports of any home flooding inside the City of Georgetown. However, please  be aware of the following:

  • Please avoid the rivers and all trails within the City of Georgetown. River conditions and areas around the rivers are currently very dangerous.
  • For any county resident that has experienced flooding, please contact (512) 864-8285 for current sheltering options.
  • Liberty Hill High School, 16500 Hwy. 29, is currently the only designated shelter area.

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