City partners with Lyft on pilot

Jul 25, 2018

The City of Georgetown has partnered with Lyft to offer rides in Georgetown with the transportation network company. The program is a limited-time promotion to allow the City to learn about rideshare use in Georgetown.

Rides that originate in the Georgetown city limits are eligible for the Lyft partnership. Lyft passengers are responsible for the first $2 of the cost of the ride. The City will then pay up to $10 above that initial passenger payment. The passenger is responsible for any additional cost of the ride. The promotion allows for up to 10 rides per customer.

“The City understands that ridesharing has a role in providing reliable transportation to the citizens of Georgetown,” Mayor Dale Ross said. “Transportation networking companies have become one piece of the puzzle as it relates to regional mobility solutions, and the City looks forward to partnering with Lyft during this pilot program to study how ridesharing can provide benefits to our region.”

To use the promotion on a Lyft ride in Georgetown, download the Lyft app on an iPhone or Android smartphone and set up a Lyft account using a credit card. Then add the code GTOWNTX18 to the promo section of the Lyft app before you request your ride. Note that you must be in “personal” mode for the code to apply. You will only need to enter the code one time. Once you have requested your ride, “applied credit” is displayed on the ride payment screen.

Data from the limited-time promotion will help the city to better understand ride use patterns for a transportation network company. Ride data available to the City after the pilot will not include names or addresses of riders or any credit card information.

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