Transportation Plan

The Overall Transportation Plan (OTP) establishes priorities for transportation investments by the City of Georgetown. The OTP is a required element of the City’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

Since the adoption of the current OTP in 2004, the City has under gone tremendous growth and change as well as having completed the 2030 Comprehensive Plan which included the revised Future Land Use Plan and growth strategies for the City.  It is the creation and implementation of these new documents that provides the impetus for the Updated Overall Transportation Plan.

The update to the Overall Transportation Plan will also address changes to the region and State.  The Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO), City of Round Rock, Williamson County, City of Hutto and City of Leander have new or revised transportation or comprehensive plans based on the extraordinary growth patterns of Williamson County.  At the same time, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has radically altered its funding patterns for the state-wide road system.

The purpose of the updated Plan is to not only account for city-wide changes, but also make recommendations for new roadway locations and functional classifications as well as a revised implementation program.  The study will involve an evaluation of various transportation improvements and will consider the impacts related to traffic/mobility, anticipated construction and right-of-way costs, and environmental/land use criteria.  This revised Plan will include the following:

  • A revised Transportation Improvement Program.
  • Identification and projection of bicycle and pedestrian corridors that may possibly lead to the completion of a city wide Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan.  While a Sidewalk Plan was created for the City, the recommendations within were never funded in their entirety.
  • An engineered and public approved policy for street design to be utilized in urban neighborhoods that incorporates speed, parking, bicycle and pedestrian access.

The City of Georgetown has recently begun the update to the Transportation Plan by hiring the Klotz Engineering firm as a consultant and the process of updating the Plan is getting underway.  This site will contain updates on future public meetings, draft language and other materials, and general updates on the planning process.

Click here to read the Transportation Plan documents.

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