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Incentives Pay Scale

Pay Type Amount Monthly
Intermediate Certification or Associates Degree $50.00/Month
Advanced Certification or Bachelors Degree $75.00/Month
Master Certification or Masters Degree $100.00/Month
Bilingual (Spanish Speaker or ASL) $75.00/Month
Fire Investigator $50.00/Month
Arson Investigator $75.00/Month
Fire Inspector $100.00/Month
Fire Marshal $350.00/Month
Professional Development and Safety Chief $350.00/Month
Training Specialist $200.00/Month
Special Operations Chief $350.00/Month
EMS Quality Assurance Field Trainer $30.00/Assigned Duty Day
Clinical Coordinator $200.00/Month
EMS Coordinator $200.00/Month
Safety and Health Officer $300.00/Month
Logistics Officer $300.00/Month
Ambulance Assignment Pay $50.00/24HR Shift
Fire and Life Safety Intern $200.00/Month
Paramedic Credential Pay $533.34/Month