Streetlight outage online reporting tool available

Jun 20, 2024

The City of Georgetown has launched a new online streetlight outage reporting tool on the City website. The new reporting tool at allows residents to see a map of all City streetlights and click on an icon to report that a streetlight is not working.

The map includes all streetlights within the city limits that are owned and maintained by the City of Georgetown Electric Utility and also includes streetlights powered by other electric providers in the city limits. City electric crews will respond to outages in the Georgetown city limits and will coordinate with other providers when necessary for power issues.

To report a streetlight outage, residents can use the tool to look at a map that features yellow circle icons to indicate streetlight locations. Clicking on a streetlight icon will bring up a pop-up box with a link to report the outage. Once the outage has been reported, the streetlight icon will change from yellow to red. The reporting tool allows residents to see streetlight outages that have been reported and are in the service queue for repair.

The Electric Utility created the new online reporting tool to make it easier for residents to report streetlight outages and to see if an outage has already been reported. The reporting tool can be found on the City website at

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